How to Get Great Invisalign Results

Invisalign clear aligners offer a fantastic and discreet alternative to braces which can help you achieve a straighter and healthier smile. However, to get the best Invisalign results possible, you first need to assess whether the treatment system is a good fit for you. Here is our expert guide on how Invisalign works.

lady holding an invisalignlady holding an invisalign

Invisalign is a teeth straightening system using clear plastic aligners. The procedure differs from metal braces, which use wires, brackets and elastic bands to move your teeth. Metal braces also stay on your teeth until the end of your treatment. Invisalign results are achieved by wearing a set of clear aligner plastic trays, which are periodically changed. These trays gradually move your teeth to your desired position.

The trays are replaced every two weeks by a completely new set to maintain your progress. Another significant difference between Invisalign and braces, is that braces are in your mouth 24/7, while Invisalign can be removed, but must be kept in place for 22 hours a day.

You are a good candidate for Invisalign if your teeth are overcrowded, or you feel you have unwanted space between your teeth when you smile.

Typically, if you have a discrepancy between your upper and lower arch, or you need to correct the alignment of your bite, you may also benefit from Invisalign treatment.

As a top-rated dentist in San Jose, Dr. Kenia Martinez also achieves very positive Invisalign results with patients who may have worn braces when they were younger, and they lost, or stopped using their retainers. When you don’t wear a retainer after having your braces removed, your teeth may gradually move out of place. Invisalign can help to move your teeth back to their placement when your braces were first removed.

Clear aligners often deliver a faster result for patients than braces – often, your treatment will be finished in six to eight months, or even less.

How Does Invisalign Work?

When a patient comes to see Dr. Martinez about the possibility of wearing Invisalign, she will initially conduct an evaluation to see if they are a suitable candidate.

Some people think they may be too old to wear Invisalign and achieve a positive result from the treatment. However, Dr. Martinez has successfully treated patients of all ages, helping them achieve a straighter smile. She has also seen patients who have bonded teeth experience very positive results from Invisalign and benefit from the treatment.

At Ideal Dental, we offer free digital scans that give a 360-degree view of a patient’s mouth so it is easier to assess whether Invisalign is a possible treatment process. During the scan, a machine is used to take pictures of a patient's mouth to look for malocclusion, cavities, and if there are any injuries to the gums or teeth that need to be addressed.

The scan is radiation free, and it provides a record to chart a patient’s progress. Dr. Martinez and her team assess the health of a patient’s teeth and note whether there are any issues with gum recession or disease.

Analyzing the health history of a patient and whether they can bite properly is incredibly important when deciding the right type of treatment plan. Healthy teeth must be aligned and in harmony with the teeth next to them for the teeth to function properly, which will encourage the patient to have the correct bite. A misaligned bite can lead to broken teeth and gum disease.

Once it has been decided a patient can benefit from Invisalign clear aligners, Dr. Martinez creates a series of customized clear orthodontic aligners designed specifically for their needs. The first set of aligners is similar to the patient’s current alignment, with small changes in each new tray moving toward straighter teeth. Dr. Martinez delivers multiple sets of aligners as the teeth shift into proper alignment, with each aligner slowly forcing the teeth into the optimal position.

Typically, Dr. Martinez sees patients once a month during their treatment, sometimes more frequently depending on the severity of their condition.

On occasion, a patient may need to get their next set of aligners to fit comfortably. Dr. Martinez recommends using ‘Munchies’ or ‘Chewies’ which are types of bite appliances. These can assist with enabling the aligners to fit more snuggly on the teeth.

Patients with minor misalignment will see results in 6 months; however, there could be a difference in teeth alignment in as little as two weeks.

Once a patient has achieved their goal, it is strongly advised to use a retainer to keep newly straightened teeth in place.

Dr. Martinez also gives away two syringes of teeth whitening to patients who have had Invisalign treatment, so they can have a glowing and healthy straight smile!

Dr. Martinez regularly attends seminars and research courses on orthodontic treatment to build on her in-depth knowledge and continue to improve her practice.

What Are the Positive Outcomes of Using Invisalign?

Invisalign is known the world over as being virtually invisible as a treatment to straighten your teeth, so you do not need to feel self-conscious wearing clear aligners.

With braces, you sometimes have to forgo your favorite foods; for example, nuts and chewy candy should be avoided because debris can get caught between your teeth and the brackets, which can lead to infections and plaque build-up. The beauty of Invisalign is you can remove the trays when you eat.

Once you have used Invisalign, you will have cleaner and healthier teeth, and are less likely to suffer with broken teeth or a misaligned bite. Straighter teeth can also reduce the issue associated with gum disease and you can get rid of plaque build-up more easily.

You will feel more positive and confident going into social situations and feel proud of your smile.

5 Common Questions about Invisalign
  • Does Invisalign hurt?

Once your Invisalign trays are fitted, they may cause a little discomfort for the first few days. However, the feeling of discomfort is very short-term, and is caused by the process of your teeth being moved into the desired position. Invisalign is also made from BPA free plastic, so there is no need to worry about having anything harmful in your mouth.

  • How do you clean Invisalign trays?

Invisalign trays need to be cleaned each day. You can do this by cleaning your teeth and the Invisalign trays every morning. Highly acidic or staining food may require you to clean the trays again or rinse the trays in clean water later in the day. Each tray is worn for 1-2 weeks at a time so you can see optimal results in teeth movement. You can also clean your Invisalign trays with a retainer cleansing solution.

  • How do you sanitize Invisalign trays?

Accidents happen and there may be an occasion when you drop your Invisalign aligners on the floor. Your clear aligners can be sanitized in a special solution. Using heat, including hot water, can damage and distort your Invisalign trays.How much does Invisalign cost?
The cost of Invisalign varies based on the length of your treatment and the severity of your orthodontic problem.

  • Does health insurance cover Invisalign?

Some health insurance plans will cover Invisalign. At Ideal Dental we can work with you to see if you can get Invisalign treatment covered.

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If you are considering Invisalign clear aligners, our team is dedicated to answering all your questions. Dr. Martinez wants to ensure the best treatment plan to provide you with a healthy, beautiful smile.

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