Restorative Dentistry

Natural teeth may become damaged or decayed due to a variety of causes. When teeth become chipped, cracked, gapped, decayed or missing, it not only affects your appearance, but also the functionality of your teeth, including your ability to chew food and speak clearly. Our restorative dental procedures will lay the foundation for repairing or replacing your damaged teeth and rebuilding the supportive structures of the teeth such as gums, surrounding tissues and jawbone. The right treatment or combination of treatments will completely restore your appearance as well as the full function of your teeth, including speaking and chewing. Dr. Martinez has an extensive background in the development of restorative treatment plans.


Dentures are customized and removable prostheses made to fill in the gaps created due to removed or lost natural teeth, and to restore the oral functions and appearance. It includes the teeth portion as well as the gum portion, the latter being a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over the natural gums either on the mandibular or on the maxillary arch. There are a number of causes that may render a person without teeth or a single tooth, the most common being removal due to dental diseases like tooth decay and periodontal disease, and other factors like trauma, genetic defects, and developmental defects.
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